Tips for Using Hydrangea Flower

One of the most demanded flowers of all times, hydrangea are not only beautiful but also very versatile in use. For your wedding day, hydrangea is a perfect choice. However, these flowers can transform their color as they age, so it is important to buy and use them only at their peak!  Here are a few things to keep in mind while using the hydrangea flower in your wedding.

1. Water level

Hydrangea requires a lot of moisture and water levels. They are capable of emptying a vase full of water within a short amount of time, so it is really essential that you take care of the water levels so as to avoid them from withering. It is also better to buy them at their peak to avoid the change in color later onwards.  It is very important to separate the withered flowers from the good ones, as keeping them together can damage the good ones faster than you can think. If you are planning on making DIY decorations, make sure that the Hydrangea are supplied with ample of water and are kept hydrated throughout the wedding.

2.    Availability

Hydrangeas are available only in mid-summer to mid-autumn. It is difficult to find them in winters and is not very popular with white weddings in winters. If you are planning to grow them in your garden a year before your wedding, don’t bother. Hydrangeas usually take one to two seasons to bloom and if you want to use the ones grown in your garden, make sure you plant them three to four years in advance for your wedding. Also, you can buy wholesale Hydrangeas to avoid the overpricing of retails.

3.    Budget

While the Hydrangeas are not very expensive, as they have a large flower head and a few stems are able to fill the whole vase, the cost of keeping them fresh can be high as they require continuous attention and hydration to stop them from withering. Even though they are very pretty and versatile, brides and grooms should only buy flowers keeping their budget in mind. Try buying bulk Hydrangeas to avoid the overpricing of individual flower sets.

4.    Ways to use Hydrangeas in wedding

The most popular use of Hydrangeas in weddings is in the bouquets. Having large flower heads and availability in various colors, they are a popular choice for bridal bouquets. They not only look pretty but are also inexpensive. Another way to use them is in the form of centerpieces. However, be sure to fill the vases with ample water to avoid them from dehydrating.

Weddings are pricey, but floral decorations don’t have to be! Use Hydrangeas for an inexpensive but pretty décor. Visit us:


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